Campaign Finance Reform; A Look Into The Future …

July 23, 2008

Modern Agenda Press Corps
Dateline: November 3, 2036

Money raised for political campaigns is a key ingredient to becoming the President of the United States.

Megamultibillionaire I. M. Pecunious, CEO and President of GetItAll Corp, the world’s richest corporation, has backed yet another winner. “That’s five in a row. We can’t be stopped!” the jubilant Pecunious proclaimed.

Thunderous applause erupted during new United States President-elect Rutherford Ulysses Worthy’s acceptance speech, as he thanked the megamultibillionaire and other key backers of the Power Party, stating “without the billions raised by Mr. Pecunious and many of the other prominent members of W.E.A.L.T.H., I never could have done it. As President, I will continue to make sure that those Americans who have worked hard, have studied hard and have actually earned the money they deserve, keep it. The American Dream is possible and it’s time to live it or be left behind!”

W.E.A.L.T.H. (Where Elite Americans Lead The Helpless), the political interest group formed twenty-five years ago when limits on individual contributions to political parties were eliminated, has been backing the Power Party since its inception. Its members include some of the wealthiest people in the world, individuals who have benefitted from the Power Party’s uniform tax rate, which was adopted five years after the party began their political winning streak. The ultra-conservative group’s slogan “Strive, fight or deserve your plight” echoed throughout the hall during newly-elected President R.U. Worthy’s victory celebration.

The Power Party was formed in 2009 after disgruntled conservatives became fed up with the moderation of the Republican Party. Based on a platform of lower corporate taxes, a uniform tax rate for all Americans, the right to bear arms and a strong national defense, the party has reversed the downward spiral of the U.S. dollar, lifting the U.S. economy out of the deep recession that threatened to bring the country to its knees and back to a position of economic world prominence.

Global opinion of the United States has never been lower, however, as all economic support has been halted for countries abroad. Opponents of the ultra-conservative movement point to the alarming increase in poverty and crime in this country as direct results of the Power Party’s platform. They have continually pointed out that the disparity in political spending leaves them at a major disadvantage.

Defeated Democratic Presidential hopeful, Manny R. Indigent, thanked his supporters in a concession speech, stating “I don’t know how this party of the people, this last light of hope for the impoverished will ever stand a chance unless something is done about political campaign finance reform. We cannot compete in an environment that allows the voice of the wealthy to be heard shouted from the rooftops of the corporate-owned media while the whispers of the oppressed are muffled by rags in the sewers of our streets. We must not tolerate a system that allows one party to transport their supporters to the polls in luxury transportation en-masse while we are left with no other option than to use dilapidated buses, travelling over pot-hole-riddled streets into war-zone neighborhoods where the residents are fearful to even leave their homes.”

“This cannot possibly be what the framers of our Constitution had intended when they promised all Americans the right to participate in the electoral process.” Delegate Indigent continued, “That promise has been broken and it is up to us to fix it. I will continue to do battle for those who cannot fight for themselves, for those who can barely put food on their tables, for those who believe that they matter, too. It’s time, however, for those that have the will, for those who know how to fight, for those who are strong, to join me in A New Revolution. I thank the Power Party for giving us the right to bear arms, for eliminating background checks, for allowing those of us with resolve to take this country back!”

As fires burn in the streets and shots ring out through the night in cities across America, current President, Wiley B. Praetorian, has promised full National Guard support for the cities hardest hit by the early stages of revolt. One can only wonder what the real results of this latest Presidential election will be.